Spring 2020 Need to Know Basics for Disease Prevention.

Heartworm, Ticks, Fleas and Tapeworms

Ticks. Preventive Medication should be used monthly from March 1st through to November 1st, although year-round prevention is the safest option. Cats also need preventive medications if they go outdoors.

Heartworm. Monthly prevention for dogs is given from June 1st to November 1st if your pet stays in this area. Heartworm testing is recommended every second year for most dogs.

Fleas. We are recommending prevention May1st through till November 1st for cats and dogs.

Echinococcus tapeworms. Monthly treatment is recommended year round for high risk dogs that frequent Coyote and Fox areas.

There is a combination of medications available to cover all these parasites with 1 or 2 oral tasty chew tablets monthly. Cats have the option of topical drops.

Please call the clinic for further information on appropriate preventives for your pet or visit our website www.hurontariovet.ca for more information.
If you are already set up have a happy and safe spring and summer!

Thank you
Dr. Kathryn Hahn, Dr. Nacy Swift, Dr. Rachel Costin

Picture of Ixodes ticks which are Lyme transmitters
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