The Asian Longhorned Tick: a New Type of Tick to Watch Out For

A new type of tick, the Asian Longhorned tick (Haemophysalis longicornis), is currently spreading across the United States. Experts expect we will soon be seeing this species in Canada as well. While originally from Asia, in recent years the tick has become established in the United States. Scott Weese, a veterinary internist and microbiologist, suspects that the tick will enter Canada through southern Ontario or Quebec, so it’s important to be on the lookout!

asian longhorned tick

This tick is unique for a few reasons. Females are able to reproduce without mating, so they can increase in numbers very quickly. They feed aggressively, which is dangerous for the animal hosts. These ticks can carry infectious diseases, but more research is needed to find out which ones it carries in North America.

Since this tick is commonly found on dogs, we ask that all pet owners let their veterinarian know when they find ticks so they can be identified immediately. This may be how we identify that this tick has entered Canada!

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